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Vikas Jain is a leading Senior Business Associate from LIC of India in Delhi DO-II. He has created a dedicated Team of more than 100 well professional Advisors - who are performing better year after year. All the time this glorious Team is getting Meritorious position in Delhi Division - II from last number of years & occupied the ranks at All India level in different years as whole and individuals too. Mr. Jain believes in Development & Grooming of his Team as well as full focus on the earnings of each & every individual. My team of agents comprises of people of all age groups. There are agents as young as 19 Years of age and as old as 82 years too. But the common thing between them is that they All Are highly motivated and beaming with energy. This positive attitude of my team has been Instrumental in their outstanding performance year after year.

It is my privilege to welcome you to my team of insurance professionals. It will be my endeavor to nurture not only your selling skills as well as your servicing & relationship skills too, and it’s an assertion for you to become an outstanding and successful person not only in insurance as well as your own field where you are today.

Support to Agents
  • Professional Training through Seminars.
  • Sponsorship for special Training Programs.
  • Knowledge Dissemination of all LIC products.
  • Effective Selling Skills.
  • Innovative Marketing Strategies.
  • Tips on Customer Relations Management.
  •  Setting and achieving realistic goals.

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